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Welcome To Your

Business Contact Office For Your 

Official National Flea Market Site, 

Your Flea Mouse Site is here to showcase the Flea Markets across the USA and we are glad you are interested in becoming a big part of this. We welcome you to our business contact office and we will share that Telephone is the recommended way to reach us as we are frequently out in the field working with clients. Your call is most important to us and we always try to give timely and highly personalized service.

The Flea Mouse Management Office is here for you to contact about Regional Or National Advertising Opportunities Within The Site 

Those Looking for Local Vendor Table Rental, Event Booth or DIRECT LOCAL Flea Market Or Swap Meet Space Rental Information Should Contact Your LOCAL FLEA MARKET DIRECTLY Either Listed within our directories on the individual Market Site Pages or Locate Your Own Local Flea Market and Contact Them Directly if it is not listed within our site. 

This SITE Has NO INVOLVEMENT In Local Market, Booth Sale or Table Rentals for Local Flea Market or Swap Meet Facilities Management Operations. Please Contact Your Flea Market Or Swap Meet Directly As Our Contact Office Cannot Help You With Local Market Or Swap Meet Reservation Information.

This Website Contact Office CANNOT Assist You In Booking Local Vendor Booths, Tables Or Physical Spaces Or Stores within Your Local Flea Market Or Swap Meet. 

The Flea Mouse Site Office is here for those Looking for Direct ONLINE Site Visibility for local Flea Market and Swap Meet Patrons to Allow You Advanced Exposure BEFORE they visit your local area marketplace.

Many Visit The Flea Mouse Site & Our Site Is A Great Place To Showcase More Pro Oriented Seller Merchandise In Tandem Or Coordination With Your Own Local Market Exposure.

Advertise On Flea Mouse & Those Going To Local Sales Can See Your Market, Product Or Service Before They Actually Ever Meet You At Your Local Market Place. 

Thank You For Using & We Look Forward To Showcasing Your Product, Service Or Flea Market On The Site Real Soon, Call Today! is here to make your Shopping Experience the most enjoyable it can be. We feature Flea Markets with contact information. If you operate or are starting a new Flea Market. Please Contact us at and let us know. We are most happy to help you promote it in your City or Market Area. No Matter if your Market or Meet is Large Or Small. We are here to help!

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