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This site is just getting started. As we are able to add areas and Flea Markets. They will be appearing on Your Florida Flea Market Source, FleaMouse.com

Come On Out To The Local Florida Flea Market and Enjoy A Great Day With Your Family & Friends. We Will See You Here For The Fun & Bargains !

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How did Flea Mouse Begin ?

Two tiny little guys get together to provide one very large trade venue that can be enjoyed over the surface of the Entire Developed World. We might be small but together with the power of the Internet we will be reaching into more homes than you can throw cheese at !

What happens when you combine the Foot Traffic of Our Local Flea Market With The Power of the Click Of Your Mouse on Your Computer Together ?

Welcome to the result of this combined team effort. Welcome to the One & Only FleaMouse.com

FleaMouse.com is looking for quality minded vendors to setup your own little Flea Market Online so your visitors and millions more new ones will have somewhere to find those super low discount prices during the work week or to make their weekend shopping plans.

Swap Meet & Flea Market Sellers will be able to offer your regular customers an easy way to locate you if you do travel various different flea markets if they are looking for something specific to purchase from you.

We are setting up easy to remember geographic regional sites as we develop the site. If you forget the subdomain. You can always visit FleaMouse.com and get back to your Local or State Flea Market Web Site found on FleaMouse.com

This name is gold and it is most easy to remember. For some time this name has been tied up for sale where we could not use it. We finally obtained this golden name and at last it is available for the growth of commerce in the Free World for very economical rates direct to you. This happens just in a nick of time with the Global  Economy as it is today.

Rain or Shine, There is always a great Flea Market and FleaMouse.com is your online source to connect. We Bring Buyers and Sellers together allowing the consumer to get the absolute best deals their money can buy and Flea Market Sellers a stable venue where you can broaden your market base and watch your sales grow even in this recessionary economy. Regardless if your your Swap Meet is maybe a room in a rental facility or one of the Major Outdoor Flea Markets or even one of the Super Swap Meets held in a Major Stadium or Arena. Whatever type of indoor or outdoor flea or marketplace sale. FleaMouse.com is here to help you increase your Personal Booth, Table or Vendor Kiosk Sales. It's the next generation in online sales. We Bring Your Flea Market to the World. Quality name brand merchandise at greatly reduced and discounted prices both for the best living and for quality gifts and gift giving. 

Hundreds of Flea Markets and Swap Meets & Thousands of Vendors will join in to offer the savings and to display their locations and merchandise on this site as it takes off. We look forward to bringing you miles of great values and savings deals as we develop the site.

Your Rental or Sales office at your Local Flea Market or Swap Meet would do well to make sure you get your market place featured on FleaMouse.com for the Thousands of waiting Shoppers visiting this site looking for the Best Quality Deals at the Lowest Prices.

Flea Markets are a great American Activity and Pastime and it's just A Great American Tradition Enjoyed by so many in so many places. Where will all of this go? It's so big that even we don't have all the answers yet. We welcome your input and involvement to make FleaMouse.com into America's Number 1 Online Flea Market Source.

Welcome to



Flea Market Facilities & Flea Market Vendors will have a chance to display your location or products. In some cases Flea Markets & Swap Meets may even qualify for FREE Web Sites. So many opportunities await for those involved in the Flea Market or Swap Meet Industry.

Our Initial Starter States to work with will be Florida, Georgia & Alabama. Of course all 50 States and Even other Countries are welcome to join in and enjoy the Drawing Power of the Flea & The Mouse !

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